About Us
The Rumshop Cultural Club is the most recent incarnation of Bajan Revellers, established in 2006, to promote the arts & culture of the Caribbean & to support its Diaspora, celebrating the heritage & history on which their presence is rooted & promoting festivals and events, with a Caribbean flavour, principal among them being street festivals. Crop Over of Barbados and Carnival of Trinidad are Eastern Caribbean street festivals, similar in form, features and performance. The London Notting Hill Carnival is thus ideally suited for incorporating these very same features.

Since 2006, we have participated in the Carnival using the typical artistic elements of our own Crop Over. We have been successful in this with the Band achieving third place in the Modern Dance category in 2010 and 2nd place in 2013. We were commended for our choreographed performances.

Initially attractive to Bajans and their descendants, we decided to refashion ourselves to create a more diverse and inclusive organisation, able to recruit performers from every nationality and ethnicity with high standards, attractive costumes, experienced designers and artisans and a safe and secure presence on the road. Like the Mas Camp, the Rumshop is an iconic and central communal meeting place to nurture community cohesion.

We are a medium sized family band competing with much larger bands but successfully extending our reach, engagement and participation to all members of the Caribbean diaspora, particularly among children and young adults through our social gatherings, featured annual events and the occasional Friday lime.

Artistic Development

Our established goals are to promote & celebrate excellence in our live performances; increase participation by several members with costumes that are distinctive, attractive & affordable with performances in safe, secure and enjoyable environments.